A flair for flavour

Scentium is the flavours brand of the Iberchem Corporation, the biggest Spanish company in the fragrances and flavours industry. Our annual growth far exceeds that of any other business in the sector, and our strategy of ongoing investment, innovation and intelligent expansion aims to keep us at the front of our field.

About Flavours

What is flavour?

There is more than just taste to flavour. We get a strong emotional impact from food and drink, whether it’s stimulation from a sports drink, refreshment from a fruit juice or comfort from bowl of hot soup. Other considerations include mouth feel, texture and aroma, all of which combine to create the taste ‘sensation’ as a whole.

A global organisation

Scentium is a global company with a presence in more than seventy countries throughout the world. This gives us valuable strength and depth but – just as importantly – it also gives us ‘on the ground’ familiarity with local trends and regional taste preferences. Such knowledge is vital if we are to continue to produce new flavours that will hit target markets, satisfy palates and boost consumer demand.

Excellence and innovation

We’ve spent 30 years building a reputation for reliability, creativity and superb customer service, and today we provide flavourings for diverse end markets around the world. Scentium flavours can be found in every imaginable food and beverage, from soups to sports drinks, sweet treats to ice cream, tinned food to pizzas – and everything in between!

For more information about the Iberchem Corporation please visit our dedicated website www.iberchem-corporation.com