Thirsty for new flavours?

Innovation is the key to success in the beverages industry. The sector is highly dynamic and changes constantly, due to the relative size and affordability of the end product. Consumers will readily try new drinks because it satisfies our natural curiosity to ‘try something new’ without purchasing anything too large or too expensive.


More than hydration…

Beverages have to satisfy more than just thirst. We purchase drinks to stimulate us, comfort us, refresh us, restore us, hydrate us, warm us up, cool us down… the list is endless, and it keeps on growing!

A changing world

Consumers see status in the drinks that they purchase and will choose a new tea, coffee, sports drink or fruit juice to reflect changes in their own mood or aspirations. Our marketing teams stay abreast of these new and emerging trends. Their insights keep us moving forward all the time; inspiring us to create new flavours, new sensations and new experiences all the time.

Healthy options

There is an increasing trend towards low sugar drinks with no artificial flavours. We have invested substantially in developing natural flavours and sweetness modulators that deliver superior taste whilst satisfying the consumer demand for healthy options.

Beverage flavours from Scentium

Scentium uses state of the art technology and an extensive portfolio of ingredients to flavour some of the world’s leading beverage brands. We have expertise across the industry, from still and carbonated beverages to tea, coffee, fruit juices, energy drinks and flavoured waters.