Inspired by passion, empowered by science

The most ingenious taste solutions are created in an environment that combines raw passion for flavour with a scientific understanding of taste and food technology. Add state of the art technology, obsessive research and a burgeoning palette of ingredients – natural and manmade – and you have a recipe for success.


30 years in the making

Scentium has been creating exquisite, customised flavours for 30 years. In this time we’ve mastered the art of identifying and understanding the key components of flavour profiles, skills we use to create – and recreate – the tastes of today, tomorrow and the next 30 years to come!

A never-ending quest

The desire for new tastes and flavours never stops. Consumers are excited by ‘new’ taste sensations so we – as flavour developers – can’t afford to stand still. Scentium generates almost 2,000 flavours every year, an achievement made possible by annual reinvestment of over 10% of our revenues into research and development around the world.

Healthy options

Our exhaustive catalogue of natural, premium grade resources allows us to provide natural extracts, flavour ingredients and complete flavour solutions for the full range of health and wellness food and drink products. This market has grown exponentially in recent years, and we expect (and are prepared for) this trend to continue!

Flavourists at work

Our flavourists bring creativity, curiosity, talent and expertise to the table. Their understanding of culinary principles as well as food technology results in flavours that reflect both consumer tastes and product restraints. This is essential for a commercially viable end product.