Food technology creativity

Tried and tested

Our flavours don’t just have to taste good. They need to stand up to the various production, environmental and practical challenges they are likely to meet. That’s where our food technologists step in. They know every ingredient that will enter the final product, and fully test and evaluate each one before production can go ahead.

Food Technology

Flavour meets functionality

It is one thing to come up with a flavour. It is another to make it work in a cake mix, chewing gum or soft drink. Our food technologists have access to the very latest flavours and flavour technologies to ensure your bespoke flavour performs as it should. Their job is to make sure our solutions meet both flavour and functionality requirements every step of the way.

Innovating excellence 

We encourage our food technologists to be innovative, dynamic and imaginative in their work. Taste is a multi sensory experience, so we are constantly experimenting with flavours, fragrances, sensations, colours and textures to inspire fresh, dynamic and exciting solutions every time.