Innovation and technology

High performance flavours

We are on a constant quest for new molecules and natural flavours to enrich our flavourists’ palette. Fruit, spices, vegetables and vegetation provide limitless inspiration for fresh tastes and fusions, which we use to give products maximum impact and differentiation within the marketplace.

Innovation & Science

Science and the senses

Our teams use every innovation and scientific technique to study and master the sensory experiences that shape taste and flavour. Smell, taste, touch, even sound has an impact on the way we perceive taste. Understanding the way our senses react and interact helps us to create cutting edge flavours and new taste profiles that will be fresh, exciting and add value to our customers’ products.

100% stable, 100% safe

Flavour is one thing; performance is everything. That’s why our scientists use state of the art techniques to learn how flavours will perform in use (eg when they are heated, frozen or dissolved). Only when we can guarantee the stability of a flavour do we consider it safe for brands, consumers and the environment.

Clean, Green Chemistry

We have a genuine concern for the health of our planet, so wherever possible we follow the principles of Green Chemistry (also called Sustainable Chemistry) and sustainability in our research and development. This method seeks to avoid pollution by minimizing the use and generation of hazardous substances during chemical research and engineering.

An aromatic alternative

Our Scentium Gourmet range was built on our comprehensive knowledge of aromatic raw materials, and caters for the most demanding palette. Customers who prefer to enhance the taste of their savoury, authentic-positioned foods with aromatic rather than flavouring solutions favour this range.