Inspired by passion, empowered by science

Our aim is always to create flavour solutions that will meet or exceed the expectations and aspirations of our clients and their customers. This would be impossible without a thorough understanding of brands, products and consumer perceptions, and the many diverse factors that affect them.


We reach this understanding in a number of ways…

Looking ahead

Brands, products and consumers change constantly, and so anticipation and preparation are key drivers for success. With over 30 years’ experience forecasting cultural shifts and resulting consumer trends, we understand the dynamics of emotional evolution in society. We use this knowledge to predict consumption patterns, adding resonance, longevity and value to the flavours we produce.

Integrating emotions

Consider the crunch of a biscuit, the aroma of fresh coffee or the melt in the mouth sensation of meringue. Taste evokes powerful emotions that are brought on not just by flavour but also by sight, sound, smell and touch. By understanding this interaction, and the way it influences both perception and consumption, we design flavours that work on the multi-sensory levels we know consumers love.

Observing lifestyles

Throughout the world, we observe consumer lifestyles and the drivers that influence the choices they make. As traits and triggers emerge we construct detailed demographics. Ultimately, these findings help us create precise, appropriate solutions to complex consumer needs.

Understanding trends

Macro trends, micro trends, fashions, tastes, fads… the world is constantly changing, and consumer palates are no different.  Our Creative Marketing teams work hard to identify, understand and predict the influences and the aspirations of consumers around the world.