Flavours of the world

We’re fascinated by food, and are constantly inspired by new spices, methods, thinking and ingredients from different regions and cultures. This keeps our portfolio fresh and contemporary, and enables us to supply great tasting authentic flavours to satisfy diverse consumer needs and local preferences wherever they are needed in the world.

SavouryFlavours that work

Whether our flavours provide the dressing on a meal or the meal itself, we want them to be delicious. However, they must also meet our customers’ regulatory or product requirements. Our strong technical capabilities, combined with outstanding creative talent and culinary expertise, allows us to deliver on every level.

A taste for healthy living

Consumer tastes change constantly, but our concern for health and wellness is here to stay.  That’s why we place huge emphasis on developing taste solutions to help customers improve the nutritional profile of their existing brands, and create healthier new products from the ground up. Reduced fat and reduced salt options, as well as a comprehensive portfolio of natural flavours, mean you no longer have to compromise on taste to meet this popular consumer demand.

Savoury flavours from Scentium

Our passion for food and cookery drives us to create fine savoury flavours for products including soups, sauces, dressings, condiments, tinned food and processed meats. Our solutions are tailored for individual product requirements as well as the tastes and aspirations of any target market, and our expertise spans compounded flavours, process flavours and encapsulation technology.