Protecting our planet

The world’s population is increasing, and this can put pressure on resources.  

Scentium operates a sustainable business model and has proactive measures in place to recognise and nurture fragile supply chains. We are also working to develop clean processes for the manufacture of all flavour ingredients.


Getting it right 

There has to be a balance between what manufacturing demands and what nature can provide. Reliable, sustainable supply avoids fluctuations in price, quality and availability, and this in turn helps businesses to grow, communities to thrive and the planet to stay healthy too.

Look out for eachother, look after ourselves

Good, sustainable business practice is essential for Scentium’s long-term success, and for the health and wellbeing of our staff, contractors, suppliers and the communities in which we work. Our aim is to deliver fantastic flavours consistently, responsibly and sustainably, for our children’s world as well as our own.

A helping hand

We help clients meet their sustainability commitments too. Every Scentium flavour is made from fully trackable, responsibly sourced ingredients before being rigorously tested to meet the most stringent quality and safety controls.