Sweet goods

Sweet taste of success

More than any other food or drink segment it’s the sweet goods that provoke the deepest and most emotive consumer response. These are the sweets, the treats, the rewards and the pick-me-ups that denote pleasure, fun, celebration and indulgence, and as such they need to work on more levels than flavour alone.


A sweet experience

Sweet goods are as much about ‘experience’ as flavour. Is it colourful or fragrant? How does it ‘behave’ on the tongue? Is it crunchy, chewy or soft? The finest sweet flavours combine imagination and innovation whether they are exotic or traditional, subtle or bold.

What are sweet goods?

The sweet goods sector is huge, covering everything from biscuits, cakes and cereals to chewing gum, ice cream and confectionary. Clearly, such a diverse product range requires a vast portfolio of ingredients - natural and man made – to ensure we can pinpoint the exact flavour and taste sensation you require. Our teams are well equipped creatively, materially and technologically to define perfect flavour profiles for your products.

Not naughty, but nice

Reduced fat, reduced sugar, reduced calories, reduced salt… these days we have the technology and the know-how to produce healthier sweet goods that still look and taste divine. Our broad raft of flavour enhancers, modifiers and substitutes allows us to create ‘have it all’ flavours that meet customer demands on all levels.

Baked for success

Bakery products – biscuits, cakes and bread – require flavours that can withstand high temperatures and restore the taste of nutritional ingredients whose flavour is lost in the manufacturing process. We have particular expertise in this area, and offer a wide range of flavours specifically developed for this use.

Sweet flavours from Scentium

Scentium provides flavours for some of the world’s favourite biscuits, cakes, yoghurts, ice creams, sorbets and jellies. With our global network of laboratories and technical centres serving over 100 countries, we offer all the ‘on-the-ground’ know-how of a local business with all the resources of a multinational firm.